10 September, 2021

Finance & Tax Consultancy

BISage's other areas of expertise are Finance and Tax Consultancy. It primarily concentrates on providing financial consultancy service to private equity companies across the industry. BISage starts with scanning overall financial practices of the company and establishes prudent accounting practices within the company in accordance with the provision of the existing laws of Nepal. 

BISage identifies key areas of improvements within the company and helps its client in devising a right strategy implementing it successfully to achieve the intended result. BISage focuses on finding operating parameters of business and changes in operational procedures that might increase the ROI of the business. We pursue the assignment by identifying goals and strengths of the company. BISage recommends the right strategies to execute plans into action through exhaustive analysis of information. 

BISage supports its clients reviewing the entire financial operation of the company on a periodic basis and establishing a periodic reporting mechanism to remain updated on the financial health of the company. BISage helps its client translate the action into results with intended success metrics to ensure performance improvement. BISage guides their vision and ideas to give a strategic direction to the company. BISage prepares a Financial Manual and relevant schedules based on the submitted DDA and help them to implement the change initiatives within the approved policy documents in pursuit of delivering the intended result. Besides that, BISage conducts financial feasibility and commercial viability studies for its clients in order to support them in making an appropriate business decision. BISage also specializes in preparing Bank Loan proposals for its clients.     

BISage could help its clients serve a dedicated and expert service on the tax front to cater their general as well as specific requirements. It can assist its clients by updating their system with the latest tax regulation, maintaining proper accounting and prudent compliance. Clients can outsource an expert and dependable service from BISage in a cost-effective manner. Besides that BISage timely updates its clients on the enactment of new law, amendment on existing law, introduction of new policies, changed procedures, directives and relevant public notices and subsequent compliance to be made pursuant to such changes through its manual.

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