10 September, 2021

HR Consultancy

BISage also specializes in providing HR Consultancy to domicile entities across industry. We start our job by making a gap analysis in human resource management through the DDA process. We facilitate the process by bridging the gap between overall expectation of employees and existing facilities offered. We prepare a HR Manual restructuring an existing human resource policy in pursuant to the prevailing laws. We establish the practice of conducting performance appraisal of employees on a regular interval making it a principal criterion for the promotion and upgrade of every employee. Such a policy ensures an accepted level of efficiency and productivity reducing overall employee turnover to the formidable extent. 

We help our client define the duty and responsibilities of each employee across different management levels through scope of work (SoW) within the approved HR Manual. Every employee gets accountable toward the job responsibilities establishing a culture of reporting to the concerned line manager on a regular basis. We conduct various types of training and development programs for different levels of executives making them adaptable to the changing working environment. BISage creates an environment conducive to make all the professionals remain motivated and enthusiastic toward the responsibilities entrusted. BISage helps its client create such a conducive environment where entrepreneurs and professionals co-exist and the relation between management and employee remain healthy in the future. BIS a dynamic Application could be very instrumental in our endeavor to optimize overall human resource management of our client that ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness of every employee.

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