10 September, 2021

Legal & Compliance

BISage also specializes in providing legal and compliance consultancy to its clients. BISage renders a legal consultancy on company affairs and other commercial laws to our clients. BISage helps its clients draft various policy documents based on the DDA report to run their company in a systematic and organized way. This approach helps our client to establish a legally prudent environment ensuring an accepted level of transparency and governance across different levels of operations. BISage helps its clients draft industry specific policy documents for an efficient operation of their business. Such documents include Company Operating Procedure, Financial Manual, HR Manual, and Standard Operating Procedure for various departments.

Another area of BISage's expertise is compliance consultancy. Today's business is to perform under a stringent regulatory environment and therefore needs to establish a prudent compliance system within the company in order to ensure good governance. These days, the regulatory authorities are becoming more stringent on timely compliance; however, the private companies sometimes fail to adhere to the compliance requirements in time. BISage helps its clients improve the statutory, external and internal compliance environment with the help of software automation avoiding any undue financial burden on the company in the form of penalty/fine or interest because of non-compliance at the concerned regulatory authorities. The whole idea is to bridge the gap between growing expectations of tax and other government authorities and delivery of the private sector companies on tax and other compliance-related matters by establishing a culture of prudent practices across the organization. BISage’s dynamic compliance module is very cost effective and efficient to comply with regulatory authorities. The module includes checklist features followed by a status update through notifications to the line managers.

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