10 September, 2021

Process Consultancy

BISage's other areas of expertise is the process consultancy where we work together with clients to co-create solutions through iterative process of inquiry and guidance, critical role of listening, helping devising solutions to the problem and constant learning to make the organization change sustainable. We do not approach clients with tailor made solutions but we rather co-create a process that aligns with set goals in order to foster growth and transformation.

We start the process by listening to the client's perspective and insights and making a humble inquiry to the clients that allows us to have a deeper insight in the existing issues, which could help us to move beyond surface issues. An iterative process that begins with listening gradually unveils the actual problems within the organization. Considering the cultural, social, and relational context of a client's organization, we co-create a process that aligns with the set goals to take an organization to the next level. A process consulting approach builds trust and transparency within and outside the organization.

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