Communication Technology

Communication Technology

BISage has an expertise of providing consulting solution to the Internet Service Provider belonging to the Communication Technology Industry.

Infrastructure Industry

Infrastructure Industry
BISage renders consulting services to only few sub-industries classified under Infrastructure Industry as major infrastructure activities 

Agriculture and Forest Products Industry

Agriculture Forest Industry
Agriculture and Forest Products Industry is one of the defined target industries for consulting portfolio.

Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry is one of the industries identified for consulting solutions. BISage can render various consulting solutions through its domain of expertise to ensure an outcome-based performance.

Information Dissemination Industry

Information Dissemination Industry is another target industry of BISage. All Broadcasting Companies, Digital Television Operators and other companies under this industry are defined target market for consulting portfolio.

Information Technology Industry

information technology
Another target industry for Consulting Business Unit is Information Technology Industry where BISage renders its service from General Management

Service-oriented Industry

Service-Oriented Industry
BIS Application, an all in one Application developed and customized in series of editions can meet the automation requirement across Service-oriented Industry.