Managemant Consultancy

BISage specializes in providing management consulting solutions to Service, Communication Technology, Information Technology, Information Dissemination and Tourism Industry in strategy formulation and implementation of strategic decisions, product/service innovation, solving most critical business problems and exploring the opportunities for business transformation. BISage begins with scanning the overall business health of its clients, identifying key areas of improvements and helping them to take strategic decisions with a result-oriented approach.

Since Nepalese business establishments have to perform under various business limitations, BISage assists its clients to plan their business realistically, ensuring consistent growth, protecting from vulnerability and achieving intended success metrics by mitigating potential risks of failure. We help our clients to maintain the overall performance efficiency within the company and make them more competitive to cope with changing market dynamics. A performance benchmark would be quantifying planned actions into intended results enhancing overall organizational capabilities with good corporate governance. The prime objective of our consultancy is to give strategic direction to our clients with a pragmatic approach suitable in our business environment.

We start the change initiative by conducting an overall due diligence audit (DDA) of clients, submit the report to the management for their approval, and help them to implement the recommendations in a phase wise manner to ensure the improved performance within the specified time. The objective of conducting DDA is to get the proper insight of the company and implement the recommended courses of action successfully to ensure that change initiatives remain sustainable from longer-term perspective. BISage helps its clients formulate Company Operating Procedure (COP), Financial Rule, Employee Service Rule and other supporting policy documents to assist them running the company based on the given policy documents. BISage team would be involved in the entire process right from conducting DDA to policy formulation until its successful implementation within a set timeline. BISage’s assignment completes as and when the client’s professional resources would be capable of carrying out changed initiatives at their own.